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POEM Toolbox Contribution: The Digital Archive of Forgotten Memories

The Digital Archive of Forgotten Memories (DAFM) was originally initiated by my lovely POEM colleague Inge Zwart and me, to propose a new format to communicate central themes of the POEM research project. The DAFM is envisioned as a participatory space to talk about the process of forgetting, where we would ask the visitor to envision something to forget, and then physically destroy this item under our guidance. The installation generated interesting discussions about what it means to remember and forget on an individual, social and institutional level.

This DAFM has now been made available as a tool on the POEM research projects website, where you can now download the step-by-step guide and templates to create your own archive. We created this guide based on feedback from participants at two installations, one of which was co-organized with our POEM fellows Franziska Mucha and Susanne Boersma