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Looking for Mr. Right Now

The short documentary “Looking for Mr. Right Now”  is an attempt to understand the current phenomenon of virtual dating in form of mobile dating-apps such as Tinder. Communication through digital means has become part of people’s everyday life, may it be at the work place or while talking to friends and family. But what impact does it have on people’s search for a partner and their way of approaching the process of search itself? Is it just an “extension of your hunting ground” as one participants so vividly describes or can it be compared to “choosing your man from a catalogue” as another claims? What affect does it have on the personal perception of oneself and how does that compare to the good old times of parents and grandparents?

The filmmaker Anne Chahine establishes a diverse dialog with men and women of different ages and social backgrounds, who are currently based in Berlin, Germany. The film engages with the experiences, desires and expectations of these users and debates upcoming advantages and disadvantages of meeting someone online versus an encounter in real life.

Through the use of unique vacant impressions of otherwise bustling places of the German capital of Berlin, “Looking for Mr. Right Now” offers its audience the chance to let the mind wander and reflect on the topic on a personal scale.

Film Screenings

Society for Visual and Media Anthropology Film and Media Festival, USA – 2016
NAFA Filmfest Bergen, Norway – 2016
Tripoli International Film Festival. Lebanon – 2016
Near Nazareth Festival , Israel – 2016
Around Films International Film Festival, Germany – 2016 (Best Short Documentary January 2016) Berlin Short Film Festival 2016, Germany – 2016
iChill Manila International Film Festival, Philippines – 2016